Kärcher Fachhändler Wiedenstriet

Kärcher Fachhändler Wiedenstriet

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Detergent, Inorganic Chemical Materials, Detergents, Machinery Designing and Processing, Chemical Waste, Machines for cleaning, Electric Shavers, Vacuum cleaners, Chemical Projects, Crafts, Single-purpose machines, Cleaning machines

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Kärcher Fachhändler Wiedenstriet





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Kärcher Fachhändler Wiedenstriet
Adelheider Strasse 11
D-2 77

Soap dispensers

Merida soap dispensers for liquid soap are made from tempered very durable ABS plastic, or a combination of plastic + stainless steel, or from stainless steel with a capacity from 170 ml to 1 litre. A colour design of soap dispensers is mostly in white.


The company Zenit produces universal and special detergents for professionals, industries and households. Our product range includes disinfectants, detergents and washing agents, toilet and liquid soaps, shower gels, shampoos and cleaning pastes.

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